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Monday, January 31, 2005

Ah Gillingham, filthy pit of humanity

walking down the high street to the library i see now why this place was voted the grottiest town in english football. nice.

Went down the good ol' tap 'n' tin last friday, which just goes to show i am a real sucker for punishment. All those beautiful girls (and a few not so beautiful) seemingly just there to taunt me, sometimes it really does seem like there isn't a single girl on this whole friggin planet.

for example, met three young ladies i'd not met before. one in particular was most desirable, she even lent me a pen so i could liven up the table a bit with some creative grafitti (ooh! i'm such a rebel), all going well right up until her boyfriend arrived, it's all i can do not to swear very loudly at moments like that. as per fucking usual john and i shared the mantra of the single bloke ("it's not fair is it?") and broke down in tears (not really, we were pretending, very drunk by this point). The DJ played the wildhearts though, which made for some wonderful headbanging frollics as me and dan were about the only people who new the song, ROCK on!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

but seriuosly....

at some point this week it is or was holocaust memorial day. I feel it's appropriate to take a moment out from the usual weblog based frolics to remember all those places where so much evil occured...

Abu Grabe

oops, those last three got away from me at the end there.
The point is, anything that Bush, Blair or any of that lot says about the holocaust is all a load of dingo's kidneys, when they're alowing things that while they are not nearly as bad, are certainly well on the way. Yet everyone seems to have forgotten that.

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Monday, January 24, 2005

i need you!

click the bugger!

What kind of pirate am I? You decide!
You can also view a breakdown of results or put one of these on your own page!
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

At last! A post related to what this blog is supposed to be about!

Man i needed that. s'been far to long since the Barbs did a gig(okay maybe only a few months, but i'm a big fan!) but i'm getting ahead of myself, lets start at the beginning.

Left university at just after four thirty, powering up to the train station in order to catch the earliest possible train (i was aiming to get from Canterbury to London Victoria by about 7! :S) Changed into gig attire in the bog (which Chris and Becca found most amusing, i think they were expecting superman) and then sat and waited for about an hour on my own, everyone else having got off in medway to go home, what a novelty!

Victoria, tube, chockablock central and district, deserted northern, Camden, phone Dan, cheap pub, pisshed, stagger to Camden barfly.

Nex were ok, their set had already started when we walked in, and the songs weren't awful, but neither did they leap out at me and shake me vigorously screaming "buy me now!" I think they were a little too tunelessly thrashy for my taste, i don't mind really heavy stuff but there has to be a semblance of a tune there, and the singer can't just grunt or scream.

Mark my words, love them or loathe them you'll be hearing plenty more from Dead Fly Buckowski in the coming months. They're signed to EMI or some other huge label and as such will be pushed into recognition by sheer monetary force. But this isn't a bad thing because they're also very very good. It's nice to hear a new band which makes epics that go on and on in a good way. i was also most amused by the way the singer absolutely buggered his mike stand by loosening it all and waving about in the heat of the moment like. And then looked confused when it wouldn't stand up again. Expect great things from this band.

Ah, the Barbs...what can i bloody say that i haven't said before? ah yes...

You know they've done a good job when they need to beg for a spare bass about halfway through. That's a sign of their dedication to the craft, the barbs break stuff with alarming regularity :P.
I swear monday to thursday gets better every time i hear it, when they finally release it god knows when i'll be a very happy man. Dan and i agree, it's just indescribably brilliant, one day i'll learn all the lyrics and post them up, then you'll see.
Two new songs, both pretty cool. Evil eye is slower and brooding, brimming with an slighty sinister air, like 'night prowler' by AC/DC. Transylvania time kicks ass, super fast and very barbs-like, i approve.
Just before the encore, a fellow from the other side of the room apporached us
"are you on the barbs forum"
"yeah" says dan "i'm DTM"
"i;m Skinny cat(forum overlord)"
"wow!" says i "i'm the_prisoner"
"cool! now you must meet..." and then we were introduced to a wonderful collection of people, all of whom we had spoken to before but never actually met. weird.
and Dan got the set list-git

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Monday, January 17, 2005

Shtand by for action!

it's that time again! the barbs are finally doing another London show tonight! hooray.

seems so long since that one in Islington, and this'n should be even better on account of tonight, the barbs headline! longer set, more songs and an encore! hooray!

shall have to think of a new thing to use my countdown widget for though.hhhmmm.....

In other news, ladies and gentlemen, Team America: World Police is the funniest film i have seen in so bloody long. The Puppets look wicked (far more realistic than all the puppets in that thunderbirds movie a few months ago) and Parker and Stone use them superbly, exploiting their limitations for comic purposes as well as their benfits. Plus all the celebrity puppets (Alec Baldwin, Liv Tyler, George CLooney, Kim Jung Il, Tony blair....)genuinely resemble their counterparts, all in all the film looks the dogs.
Supermarionation related novelty aside, this film also benefits from the many wonderful little things we have come to expect from a Trey Parker and Matt Stone film, such as muscial numbers aplenty ("ameeeeeriiiiiicaaaa....FUCK YEAH!!!" "Pearl harbour sucked, and i miss you" and my favorite, Kim Jung Il Singing "I'm so lonley")
the foul language ("Jesus H. Tittyfucking CHRIST!")and the moments when the humour is just relentless cos of the fantastic dialogue (see the dicks pussys and assholes speech). all in all this film is super, go see

todays music: Led Zeppelin-Kashmir
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Thursday, January 13, 2005

wow. i rule.
You are...JACK SKELLINGTON! A leader and a visionary, although sometimes you might act before you think.

Which character from The Nightmare Before Christmas are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

in other news

awww! how many bands would be as nice a this?-bless awww etc.

will post properly next week when i don't have a ton of deadlines bearing down on me.

for now look at this post by the saturnyne and despair, the end is nigh...

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Friday, January 07, 2005

Sunrise, wrong side of another day,
Sky high and six thousand miles away,
Don't know how long I've been awake,
Wound up in an amazing state,
Can't get enough,
And you know it's righteous stuff,
Goes up like prices at Christmas,
Motorhead, you can call me Motorhead, alright

long ol title that. but thems some cool lyrics and i couldn't leave any of it out.

before anything else. Happy Birthday to my little sister, who is thirteen today. God help us all, having to deal with a stroppy teen about the place will do my disposition no good at all i can tell you.

Back to uni on monday, which means cathcing up with work from a standing start after a month off. Something i'm definately not looking forward to but still, it means i get my college radio show back which i have missed.(ah, my other creative outlet, drowning out the silence in my life with the power of ROCK!).

kindly note new comrades, those two could not be more different really. Give me liberty or give me death first, long time readers (basically paul and alicia) will remember my political rants i used to paste occasionally, these days i rarely have the patience or i find the whole thing gets me too wound up anyway, so hats off to butterball who finds the energy to write coherently about politics in an interesting way everytime he posts, well done that man!

new york escorts is not quite what it sounds like. Paul and i both got an email form the young lady who runs this blog asking to exchange links so i did. makes for a good read and from the looks of the amount of comments on each post, a somewhat addictive one.

todays music: Motorhead-Motorhead
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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happy new year ye buggers!

Spent new years eve at simons, which was good because up till christmas him and leanne (not ot mention Chris, Jenny, Rob and Waish) and meself have been out of touch due to uni and whatnot so it was good to meet up with them all again, however Paul and i (especially paul) began to get a little, lets say subdued, towards the end of the evening when the other six paired off into their respective couples, leaving me and paul the only single people at said informal gathering. I would have been fine i think but the fact that there was the both of us only served to remind me.
Don't get me wrong, had a great time, just every so often i looked at paul and said stuff along the lines of "s'not fair is it?" no, it damn well isn't.

todays music:iron Maiden- the Phantom of the Opera
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Y'know i'm born to lose, and gamblings for fools, but thats the way i like it baby i dont wanna live for eva.....and don't forget the joker!.........Daddy.......Do you call me daddy cos im old? do you call me baby cos im young? and i could be the one, who gets to take you home. Honey.....do you call me honey cos im sweet? sweet like the sugar in my tea, and i take more than three, and thats what makes me sweet. and i would like to say today it would be nice to run away, monday to thursday every week, we can see what we can be. and you wont serve another drink to lonely men who think they own a piece of you, they snap their fingers, tell you what to do. and they would like to take you home, well i guess their not alone.....................This aint murdermile its just the way i smile. Kiss all your fingers, whats that for? You'll never get to heaven with your shirt all torn..........Not a prisoner, i'm a free man, and my blood is my own now, dont care where the past was, i know where i'm going!......On Iron Horse he flies, on iron horse he'd gladly die.....Change, everything you are and everything you were, youre number has been called, fights battles have begun revenge will surely come, your hard times are ahead.......We're all living in amerika, amerika ist wunderbar......FUCK YOU I WONT DO WHAT YA TELL ME......Sandy why can't we look the other way?......Where's my Elvis?.....Don't try rules cos they do not apply.....She got me with a suckerpunch.....
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