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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Produced, written and directed by...Review of the Year
The Prisoner nicks an idea from Janey

Best Book: Terry Pratchett - Thud
Runner Up: something by Bernard Cornwell

Best CD: Porcupine Tree-Deadwing
Runners Up: Electric Eel Shock - Beat me , Tokyo Dragons - Give me the Fear

Favourite old CD heard for the first time: Hawkwind - Hall of the Mountain Grill

Live Events: Porcupine Tree at the shepherds bush empire, farewell gig of 3 colours red, Iron Maiden With My dad and motorhead anniversary show at hammersmith.

Favourite Song: grudgingly...Monday to Thursday by WWJD

Favourite Old song heard for the first time: Uriah Heep - Easy Livin'

Most Irritating Singer Ever: Eddie Argos of Art Brut

Person(s) I'd most like to smack in the face: Gerard Way of MCR, DIE!

Honourable slugging: George Bush of course. i think he makes it onto most human being's shit list

Hero: Scary Duck, whoever he is
Heroic second: Steve Wilson

Favourite TV show: Doctor Who
Honourable second: Broken News

Favourite Film: Sin City, Keeping Mum, King Kong, Devils Rejects, The Housemates :P
Favourite old film watched for the first time: Kelly's Heroes (i'd honestly never seen it)

Favourite shop: Magic Discs in Gillingham, scruffiest music shop in all the land

Crappiest thing that happened (in a tongue in cheek way - you don't need my misery): not being able to insure my car for less than 3 grand.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Notes of an Usher
"see your tickets please? that's screen two over this side, please form a queue and wait to be seated, thank you. Can i see your tickets ple..."

So goes the endless mantra at about three on a saturday afternoon. grab ticket, check price/film/time/date, rip, give back, mutter mantra, greet next customer, repeat.

Well, thank god standing on the barrier is not the only thing i do, i also show people to their seats, which is OK if tiring, you get a damn good workout running up and down those stairs a few times.

and of course i also have to clean the screens. which i must say is the shittiest part. granted i wasnt the best customer in my time and i certainly left a few bottles and things in a few cinemas over the years. but after one day working there...BANG!...instant convert, i now take all my rubbish out with me.

i hate popcorn. people seem to buy it specifically to spill it on the floor, form where it is very hard to sweep up because it gets stuck to the broom.

Saw Porcupine Tree with Dan last week. i must have listened to one album by another band since then. I've had about half a dozen PT albums for a while, but deadwing, the most recent and absolute best of these releases never got the full attention it deserved in the somewhat rapide orgy of purchases when Dan first introduced this band to me. Now bidding on their two out-of-print albums on ebay and planning to copy the remaing ones i dont have from Mr Dan, then on to the inevitable side-projects, though i'm reliably informed that blackfield is pretty wicked.

todays t-shirt: RUNS WITH SCISSORS!
todays music: Porcupine Tree - Start of Something Beautiful

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Monday, December 05, 2005

Busy Busy Busy
The Prisoner has been busy

The Company With The Name Too Weird To Mention

this is the brand spanking new website of the somewhat ramshackle company which i made the roommates with, and which will hopefully produce a few more efforts next year as we continue to refine our technique.

having seen an edit of the roommates i can say while i am very impressed i am also not completely happy as there were certainly bits that could never have worked but we tried anyway. still, it was the funiiest thing i'd seen in a while.

filming the chase over xmas and hopefully editing in the new year, so thats another thing to add to my showreel, i'm doing well!

anyone who wants a finished copy of the roommates let me know and i'll tell James to make extra.

todays music: UPCDOWNCLEFTCRIGHTCABC+START - Stand Shadowless Like Silence
todays t-shirt: Please don't be intimidated by my supierior intellect. I will try to speak slowly.

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Y'know i'm born to lose, and gamblings for fools, but thats the way i like it baby i dont wanna live for eva.....and don't forget the joker!.........Daddy.......Do you call me daddy cos im old? do you call me baby cos im young? and i could be the one, who gets to take you home. Honey.....do you call me honey cos im sweet? sweet like the sugar in my tea, and i take more than three, and thats what makes me sweet. and i would like to say today it would be nice to run away, monday to thursday every week, we can see what we can be. and you wont serve another drink to lonely men who think they own a piece of you, they snap their fingers, tell you what to do. and they would like to take you home, well i guess their not alone.....................This aint murdermile its just the way i smile. Kiss all your fingers, whats that for? You'll never get to heaven with your shirt all torn..........Not a prisoner, i'm a free man, and my blood is my own now, dont care where the past was, i know where i'm going!......On Iron Horse he flies, on iron horse he'd gladly die.....Change, everything you are and everything you were, youre number has been called, fights battles have begun revenge will surely come, your hard times are ahead.......We're all living in amerika, amerika ist wunderbar......FUCK YOU I WONT DO WHAT YA TELL ME......Sandy why can't we look the other way?......Where's my Elvis?.....Don't try rules cos they do not apply.....She got me with a suckerpunch.....
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