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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

tales of Mrs Moore part 2
for part one go Here

Where to begin?

Well there was the time was the time we stole Mrs Moores elephant beanie baby and held it for ransom (fact). Instigated by simon (life is square) who decided he liked the creature so much he wanted to photocopy it (dont ask). he then elected not to return the creature but hide it in a drawer behind the library desked, cleverly marked 'DO NOT OPEN! CONTAINS RANSOMED ELEPHANT' (fact). i was halfway through butchering the morning papers to make up a note for him when an advancing behemoth blocked out the sun.
"where's my elephant? please/c'mon" (she used those two words as if they are puntuation, a bizarre vocal quirk i never quite fathomed)
"i havent touched it!" (really i hadnt, simon nicked it honest!)
If one of the assistant student librarians hadnt noticed the incredibly subtle note on the drawer i would have been devoured on the spot most likely. phew!

Or what about when Mrs Moore went on countdown? (fiction)

"yes, erm.....i'll have a vowel," She boomed "and another, and another, and a vowel, and another, and a..."
"don't you want a c...."
"SHUT UP! ...and a vowel, and a vowel."

. . . .

"so what have you got Mrs M?"
"go on then."
"i'm not sure thats actually a word."
"yes it is! it's the noise people make when i eat them! permit me to demonstrate..."


As you can see paul and i arent quite right in the brain....

in Other news since my last post a whole plethora of news had descended on us, the pope and prince ranier of monaco shuffled off the mortal coil within days of one another, another merry old general election has kicked off (im running a sweepstake on when Prescott will next punch sombody). and all the kurfuffle about the royal wedding. nuff said. on that subject i say good luck to em, from what we hear charles would have rather married her in the first place, and its rather unfair to try and change the law so camilla wont be queen just because she's not that popular. What would they put down instead "The wife of the heir to the throne, on coronation automatically becomes queen, except Camilla Parker Bowles"? dosent seem likely to me

todays music: QOTSA-Little Sister
todays t-shirt: 'Thats not your last big issue and you know it, YOU TRAMP!'

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

so i lied...
it'll happen, and when it does it'll be worth it cos i've had a cool idea. Since icklepaul and i made up the whole 'tales of mrs moore' thing together we're gonna do it as a joint venture, i'm gonna write one half and then link to his blog which will have the other half, and visa-versa.

By way of an introduction to this forthcominhg tryptych, an introductory preamble.

Mrs Moore is the school librarian at Chatham Grammar School for Boys, the [shit] institution where icklepaul, MotormouthDTM and i were [barely] educated. of all the shite that went down in that satanic learning mill, Mrs Moore was a beacon of humour to brighten our day. Picture if you will a colossal being of approximately female shape, a tremendous [and unquenchable] appetite for iced tea and mint crumblies (some sweet she ate by the bucket that i have never encountered since) and a great booming voice which shakes the english block to it's very foundations. This woman was the foundation for many fictional adventures, and a few real ones which i am bursting to share (though i suspect only paul and i will find them funny).

giggin at yon tap 'n' tin tonight, with dan. what fun

merry eggmas one and all!

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

oooh! new pic
new title pic added today, originally taken at the garage by SteveM and slightly photoshopped by yours truly. this is the beginning of a nice revamp if ickle paul is still willing to help me. with music maybe, everywbody say oooh!

Next time, the tales of Mrs Moore, the best librarian on the planet.

it's a mini adventure.

todays music: Motorhead-(We are) the road crew
todays t-shirt: One by one the pixies steal my sanity

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

in the feckin can!
what a weekend! on saturday evening the crew for the film convened at the home of Emma, our producer,in hawkinge near folkestone with the intention of shooting the night time scenes for red morning light, staying over and then shooting the rest the next day. some hope. we were dogged by technical problems which would come back to haunt us right up until yesterday. Steve Phipps, our cameraman, had real trouble loading the film (remember this has to be done blind, with the film inside a black bag to prevent exposing it) y'see he missed the lecture teaching us this (and the rest of us were all learning our jobs at the time so we couldn't take notes for him) and other articles of operating a rather *ahem* complex arriflex film camera. eventually he figured it out and we began shooting, we did several scenes over those two days, featuring colin (production designer) in the main role and some freinds of his in the others, all of which steve captured on camera in wonderfully framed shots, he did his very best to catch up and i congratualte him on all he did but if he'd just plugged the battery into the right hole...

of course we didn't find this out till 10.30 monday morning when we take ol' Linda (for that was the cameras name) to Mr Bob cos it aint working. and he says
"whats that doing plugged in there? i doubt if you've shot anything, only about 20 foot of films gone through etc." considering my fragile mental state at the time (we'd stayed up till four saturday night/sunday morning)i'm amazed i didn't just burst into tears then, i think the reason is i was just too tired to feel very much in the way of emotion. So all plans for R&R (or in my case writing a 1,700 word essay due on tuesday) went out the window and those of us that could make it charged off to hawkinge again, and in eight hours, with one actor and the rest of us standing in for the remaining roles, we shot the whole damn film a second time, properly this time.

phew* i tell you now the relief when i saw that gold can filled with film and taped up to be sent to the lab was incredible, not proud or anything, not yet cos it could all come back from the lab and be unusable, just relieved we've done the hard bit. editing will be a doddle compared to this.

in other news, i finish uni for easter at the end of this week so i may not update in a while but i probably will. :X

todays music: The Kills-i hate the way you love part2
todays t-shirt: I'm drunk right now

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this person is a genius

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Two gigs in a week

this week has certainly been eventful in terms of barbs related activities (uni related activities i'd rather not discuss right now :X .

Last friday went to gig in London, Barbs supporting Mika Bomb. Met up with forum types beforehand this time, which was fun as almost instantly i was offered tickets to see iron maiden in paris (did my t-shirt give me away i wonder?), that was Mike, who isn't on the forum, accompanied by Michela, DaveM and SteveM who are. what fun we had! one downside, we had met in a weatherspoons, and those hellish places don't serve Jack Daniels whatever was i to do? drank jamesons instead and got just as smashed, thats what i did!

barbs were good as usual, except one of the guitars was feeding back like a bastard, but thats not their fault. new song played, which i think i liked at the time but was too drunk to remember. Mika Bomb were okay, but i don't think the rest of the Barbs faithful are as into japanese mentalism as i, didn't seem to go down well with them at all. DaveM attempted to film the gig, but i don't think it's quite worked out, y'see in order to get a good picture he had to be up close, but that meant he's likely to get shit sound and visa versa. this has led me to have an idea, the next gig after the one tomorrow (woo!) i'm gonna see if i can book out a nagra reel-to reel sound recorder or a more likely a little MD recorder to get the sound, which we can then combine with a close up film, need to bring that up with everybody first, get approval and so on, imagine though, a barbs live DVD.....*drools*.

as i said another gig tomorrow, this time barbs headlining, so longer set and an encore, hooray!

and finally, Amy (vocals guitar) has got a job at Medway KMFM on the breakfast show, heard it this morning and was most pleasantly surprised.

todays music:Kaiser Chiefs-Oh My God
todays t-shirt: Fcek That!-The Irish Connection

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Thursday, March 03, 2005


i. hate. southeastern trains. full stop.
and. i. hate. snow. full stop.

it was fun for a while but now it is dangerously close to buggering up my mark for our current film project. tomorrow emma has to come in from folkestone to canterbury and take back a lot of heavy and expensive equipment. from sunday to tuesday we will all have to go down to her house and shoot the movie, using three actors i have never laid eyes on, who may not even show up. and this precarious situation is being made all the more precarious by the fucking snow!


perhaps this will help.

excuse me while i go and whimper in a corner some more.

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Y'know i'm born to lose, and gamblings for fools, but thats the way i like it baby i dont wanna live for eva.....and don't forget the joker!.........Daddy.......Do you call me daddy cos im old? do you call me baby cos im young? and i could be the one, who gets to take you home. Honey.....do you call me honey cos im sweet? sweet like the sugar in my tea, and i take more than three, and thats what makes me sweet. and i would like to say today it would be nice to run away, monday to thursday every week, we can see what we can be. and you wont serve another drink to lonely men who think they own a piece of you, they snap their fingers, tell you what to do. and they would like to take you home, well i guess their not alone.....................This aint murdermile its just the way i smile. Kiss all your fingers, whats that for? You'll never get to heaven with your shirt all torn..........Not a prisoner, i'm a free man, and my blood is my own now, dont care where the past was, i know where i'm going!......On Iron Horse he flies, on iron horse he'd gladly die.....Change, everything you are and everything you were, youre number has been called, fights battles have begun revenge will surely come, your hard times are ahead.......We're all living in amerika, amerika ist wunderbar......FUCK YOU I WONT DO WHAT YA TELL ME......Sandy why can't we look the other way?......Where's my Elvis?.....Don't try rules cos they do not apply.....She got me with a suckerpunch.....
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