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Sunday, May 30, 2004

time for a rant-Huzzah!

I'm kind of annoyed by the whole 'anti-young'uns movement' there seems to be at HRM, we are constantly harrangued by this one elderly gentleman who because Paul pissed him off some time ago, now hates the lot of us on a thursday night by assosiation and has been determined to get the lot of us sacked for something or other, he's bringing up things at committee meetings that are either completely ficticious or completely out of date and out of context (EG-the most recent 'complaint from a listener' is that too many people are speaking on air at once, and that people couldn't understand us) Granted this happened, but it was MONTHS ago when we got it sorted, we'd just started the show and Sean was still getting the hang of dealing with four people on a mike, we no longer have so many people on air at once but still this complaint has surfaced.
HTe most annoying thing however, is that while most members we talk too, being somewhat vexed by our circumstances, will say
"don't worry thats just what DOn does, ignore him." the chairman seems to listen to him and so we get the feeling the whole station is ganging up on us, and nobody thinks to try and quieten Don down a bit
"Don't worry don, thats just what young uns do (being reasonable and well behaved and all) ignore them" NO, it's us who have to make allowances for the bully-boy old man grmble grumblemmememekerneerernk rasssin frassin rick

HOw about that! my first real rant on this new blog, i always feel it does one good to have a nice rant every so often!

in other news i found the japanese crews msn group, while on the net at the library so i got some funny looks when i doubled up at This picture of simon

Todays t-shirt slogan (kindly donated by Stu Fribbins)

Can i have a vowel
please Carol

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Monday, May 24, 2004

If I Ever meet the bastard who invented HTML...

finally i've finished tweaking with this damnednable template.
Boy study leave is fun...i really should be revising but my parents are on my back to get a job (when i say my parents it's mostly my mum, but my dad did say he would get me working for his company-and there is nothing i would rather not do than be the second man in a HGV ever again)and i see the wisdom in both courses of action (i need money and i want to go to uni) but at the momrnt these things seem mutually exclusive. If only everybody would just be patient and let me take my exams first, but i know thats not going to happen.

Simon has started blogging proper as you can see (life is square-in my linkage)and i'm about to join msn so i can be in his community.

Todays music: Oingo Boingo-Insanity
Todays t-shirt slogan: Has anybody seen the plot?

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Friday, May 21, 2004

Last day of school ever

As of tomorrow i am free and as such my blogging will become a lot more irregular (when i can borrow my dads internet)


FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, May 20, 2004

The End Is Nigh!!

I have one day left at school. for ever. After this i have about six or seven days of exams, a clearance day and results day. Then i am free to go to uni(versity)and am shot of this hell-hole forever. However the major downside is i'll see significantly less of all my lovely friends, except paul who i seem to be stuck with due to hospital radio and everything.
That's the one thing i'm going to miss about school, not the teachers or the whole learning bit.
In Other news tony blair was pelted with condoms full of purple self-raising flour yesterday and the whole of the commons was in chaos, what fun!!!

Todays T-shirt Slogan:I'm not as think as you drunk i am
TOdays Music: Led Zeppelin-Whole Lotta Love

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

This new look is doing my brain in!!! Now for some reason all the links are randomly turning blue!!! go figure...

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Sometmes one must suffer for one's art :)

Check this out poor old Matt Belamy hurt himself in Atlanta and they had to cancel several gigs!

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Right! that's it i am satisfied and nothing mike can say will discourage me!!! Plus the picture now corresponds with the title, i might change it in a while, but after the agro this time i doubt it. What do youse fellas think? Mike is forbidden from commenting on this post.
Todays t-shirt slogan: ickle paul bought one that said "Sorry Girls I Suck Dick"
todays Music: Tank- by the seat belts

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She Lives!!!
New template! New Background (bit pixely but who cares?) Linkage working now!!
Just need me haloscan comments up and running and thats it!!!

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Monday, May 17, 2004

ooooooh pertty
New template! She's still a bit buggy, none of the comrades links work yet and i think this window needs to be a little wider and a better background is needed but we're on the way! :)

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The face that launched a thousand franchises

TROY- Where to begin? in the end credits it claims that this film is based on Homer's The Iliad, it is based on the Iliad, in the same way that the omen is based on the Bible (i.e. the resemblance is patchy at best). All of the reference to God's and mythology is removed and the film becomes completely secular, which ruins the story cos there is no depiction of achilles as an immortal, and the story of the gods starting the war is left out entirely, still whats left makes for a good flick unlike Van Helsing, the action is still highly enjoyable and creates a nice spectacle, though i did get bored of Achilles signature move, i advise all to watch without delay, a sound film.

todays T-shirt slogan: Hello! i'm lost and i can't find my Beer!
Todays music: AC-DC, Hells Bells

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Friday, May 14, 2004

Behold the awesome fury of SPOFF MAN!!!

T'was Thursday night, when ickle Paul and I assist on hospital radio medway, as such we are required to encounter a lot of weirdo's (from the mental ward) but the one last night really wins the prize.
Night had just descended bringing the sort of orange half light from the street lamps when Sean the presenter said,
"quick! Pull the curtains, there's a bloke out there having a wee!!" Indeed there was, a bloke was indeed outside the studio in the little enclosed courtyard thingy, you'd have to be looking out a window to see him. Paul called me in and we observed him from behind the curtains,
"doesn't he know there's toilets?" It was then we realised he was taking rather a long time to relieve himself,
"I don't think he's going to the toilet" says I,
"indeed not," sez Paul, "i think he's partaking in a spoff"
"a what?" Sean asked rather innocently
"y'know, a spoff-to wank, to Choke the hermit, to beat ones meat, to tame the one-eyed trouser snake, to jack orf" Paul replied while he refilled his pipe.
We could barely contain our horror as the man continued to indulge himself, swaying slightly and emiting high pitched wails.
A few minutes later the man ceased his activities for the moment, he turned, fortunately his modesty concealed and he then proceeded to walk about groping himself in full view of anyone by a window,
"Egad!" Cried Paul from the concealed saftey of our hidey-hole, "Has this gent no shame?"
It would seem that he did not for the groping went on unabashed for even longer than he had endulged his carnal lustings, several times we were sure the madman had seen us. We ducked hurridly out of view each time.
"My Goodness" Said I "What sort of foul being is this, who so freely feels himself in a public place?" and wonder we did on this matter. For we feared to watch, yet we could not turn away for fear he would burst in and wank at us.
But finally he was satisfied and left us be, walking off to the sanctity of his lair. With great care we stepped outside, forever fearing we might suddenly be set upon by the monster and a band a minature wanking gremlins, squealing,
"GWAAAAHHH BLEEEUEUUURRRCGHHHH BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA SEE US SPOFF!!!!!!!" But go we must, to secure the perimeter and see if we could find evidence of his dealings. Much to Paul's chagrin and my nausea we did indeed find that spoff man had left us a little present just outside the bushes.
P.S. aside from the bit ao#bout minature wanking gremlins this really happened, poor me...:X

todays t-shirt slogan- We Have charts and Graphs to back us up SO FUCK OFF!!!
Todays music- led Zeppelin, Stairway to heaven

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Monday, May 10, 2004

First real entry in ages...

I've been busy, school tends to do that to you....bitches, haven't really had much time to devote besides the odd really short post or some pictures and beleive me when i say it takes a lot more effort for me to update this mutha properly than it does for a quick little bit of photoshoppery, check out this one...

Domo goes stone age, i'm still not 100% sure what Domo is but i reckon he's like a japanese tellytuby or soemthing.
FInally sort of finished my coursework last week, (i still get the feeling that i'm not quite out of the woods yet, my media's done and dusted but my history could well come back to haunt me) But that still leaves exams to worry about, i know i only need two c's to get into my course but it just means i'm going to try and coast, i know i will and i don't think i can stop myself so i may not even get that. Rant over.

Spoiler Alert

In other news i went to see Van Helsing last night, and i've come to the conclusion that it's shite, while i was watching it it seemed okay, something akin to the Mummy or The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in that bascically it was something which one passively consumes and enjoys in a manner akin to some form of sponge vegatable, however i am sadly now afflicted with THE CURSE!!
I Take A-level Media Studies, and therefore it is immpossible for me to passivly consume anything. ever. never. ever. As i sat and watched i could feel my brain picking holes in the film, spotting the numerous flaws and continuity errors and asking important questions like "why does the passage of one year mean the film moves from B&W to colour?" and "Why is this Romanian Girl dressed like she's from Spain?" and "where did the little Ewok things come from?".
But my major problem with this film is the fact that it seems to be completely unbelievable, and considering todays films it's got to have done something bad.

Alow me to explain if i may. You watch Star Trek or Star Wars, faster than light travel, energy based guns, psychic powers and lightsabres, and yet you accept all this scientifically impossible hokum because it fits nicely into the story and even if it ain't possibly it's at least plausible (eg a transporter is technically possible but you'd need to cover the whole surface of the planet with hard drives to store the molecular data) this is called suspension of disbelief and it exploits the audiences ignorance of certain specifics to make the ridiculous seem run-of-the-mill.
The problem i have with Van Helsing is that they push this theory a little too far. As anyone who's seen a trailer for it will know, the film features the three old Universal horror flick staples (SEE!!DRACULA!! FEAR!!! THE WOLFMAN!!!! RUN!!!! FRANKENSTEIN!!!)
and it attempts to weave the three together and in doing so take horrid liberties with stories that are so much common knowledge as to have been internalised into the public psyche, thus it strikes a bone jarringly wrong note when It is proudly announced that only a werewolf can kill Dracula, or that van Helsing isn't an old heamotologist from central europe somewhere, but is actually the "left hand of God" and has been alive even longer than Dracula, or that Dracula is using Dr Frankensteins technology (the good Dr's dead by the way) to bring lots of little vampires back to life, but for some reason he has to find Frankensteins monster first and let him take the lightning bolts. It all seems too wtong and ridiculous to even be consumed passively,


I thought i might start making a note of t-shirt slogans i find, they're generally quite cool

Today's T-shirt slogan: God is Dead-Nietzche
Nietzche is Dead-God
today's Music: Iron Maiden-Die With Your Boots On

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Friday, May 07, 2004

i'm not quite sure what this is all about yet but Mike's in on it so we'll see
My Inner Hero - Wizard!

I'm a Wizard!

There are many types of magic, but all require a sharp mind and a cool head. There is no puzzle I can't solve, no problem I can't think my way out of. When you feel confused or uncertain, you can always rely on me to untangle the knots and put everything back in order for you.

How about you? Click here to find your own inner hero.

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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Ode To Jensens

I feel it's time to impart some information about me and mine,

My Dad is mad about cars and machines and whatnot, give him a pile of greasy engine parts to fix and he'll happily wallow away for hours building something. But his favorite is probably his Jensen interceptor, one of

cept ours is bright orange....
oh it's great! when he revs the engine (V8 by the way!) it sounds as if the world is ending, and the big cloud of black smoke it issues when it starts will probably contribute quite heavily to the apocalypse, what fun!

as u can guess i have little to blog about today.

todays music:IRON MAIDEN-Lord of the Flies

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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

what's going on with the apostrophes?

s'probably stopped now

i really should be working, better get back to it....

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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

May the Fourth be with you!!!Today is officially star wars day and in celebration I made these….

I have finally seen Shaun of the Dead and it’s even better than I’d hoped, though some bits may be impenetrable to non-British people. Meh.
I really hate rain, and that’s what we have at home right now, yesterday was a bank holiday and in true British style, the sun went in and it started raining like hell, just as we went to a fair for the day, in a field, a muddy wet field………..fucksocks.
I’ve also made a new wooyay animation I’m quite proud of

Todays music: Oingo Boingo:we close our eyes

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Y'know i'm born to lose, and gamblings for fools, but thats the way i like it baby i dont wanna live for eva.....and don't forget the joker!.........Daddy.......Do you call me daddy cos im old? do you call me baby cos im young? and i could be the one, who gets to take you home. Honey.....do you call me honey cos im sweet? sweet like the sugar in my tea, and i take more than three, and thats what makes me sweet. and i would like to say today it would be nice to run away, monday to thursday every week, we can see what we can be. and you wont serve another drink to lonely men who think they own a piece of you, they snap their fingers, tell you what to do. and they would like to take you home, well i guess their not alone.....................This aint murdermile its just the way i smile. Kiss all your fingers, whats that for? You'll never get to heaven with your shirt all torn..........Not a prisoner, i'm a free man, and my blood is my own now, dont care where the past was, i know where i'm going!......On Iron Horse he flies, on iron horse he'd gladly die.....Change, everything you are and everything you were, youre number has been called, fights battles have begun revenge will surely come, your hard times are ahead.......We're all living in amerika, amerika ist wunderbar......FUCK YOU I WONT DO WHAT YA TELL ME......Sandy why can't we look the other way?......Where's my Elvis?.....Don't try rules cos they do not apply.....She got me with a suckerpunch.....
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